Investing in Accountable Relationships

Personal growth requires developing relationships that stretch us. When I choose to invest in others and allow them to invest in me, it produces authenticity and provides support. Then as I encourage others, I am encouraged myself to seek and take next steps.



Be actively involved in a BPF Small Group

  • Contact Ronnie Whitehead for more information.
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Use your existing Small Group relationships to foster deeper, more accountable relationships

  • Create moments during your meetings, from time to time, where women share with women and men share with men.
  • Have gender specific activities outside of the regular Small Group meetings to strengthen relationships and build trust within those sub groups. (i.e. trips, breakfast, outings, etc.)


Invest in the personal spiritual growth of others

  • Volunteer to lead or host a BPF Adult Small Group
  • Develop a mentoring relationship with someone you can spur on in his or her spiritual growth. (ex: in an existing relationship, as a True to Life Ministries mentor, etc.)


Allow others to invest in your spiritual growth

  • Have a standing meeting time with 1-2 others who will ask you the hard questions about your thoughts, actions, and relationships and allow you to do the same.
  • Ask those who know you well for feedback about an area of spiritual growth in which you could improve.