Volunteer Ministry

Volunteer Ministry is essential at Brazos Pointe Fellowship...in fact our motto is "Everybody Serves!" We believe that following Christ is about knowing and doing. So, you serving is just as important for you as it is for Brazos Pointe. No matter what your interests or skills are, there is a place where you can make a difference inside or outside the walls of the church building. Opportunities are available for students and adults. Let us help you take your next step in finding your place to connect through serving.

For more information about volunteering email us at volunteer@brazospointe.com.

Inside The Walls

There are many opportunities to serve inside Brazos Pointe. If you are wanting to jump in and serve, consider trying out a First Serve opportunity with no initial commitment or long term expectations. Try new opportunities until you find the right place for you. FILL OUT THE FORM AT THE BOTTOM TO GET STARTED.

Outside The Walls


Brazos Pointe Fellowship has developed a "GlobaLocal" approach to making disciples. GlobaLocal simply means that we are active in reaching both the nations of the world (global) as well as our own community (local) simultaneously.

I'm ready to volunteer!