Depending on God in Everything

Personal growth requires worship, a total surrender to God. When I surrender my own ideas, plans, and comforts to God, I will boldly trust Him with every aspect of my life. 



Attend the Weekend Experience consistently

  • Show up on time, ready to engage
  • Participate in the singing and other worship elements
  • Listen to the message through the filter of “What is my next step?”


Pray regularly throughout the day

  • Develop a habit of beginning/ending your day in prayer
  • Set reminders to pray for people or events throughout the day


Take bold next steps that move you out of your comfort zone

  • Make plans to go on a mission trip
  • Identify applications for your life from the messages and small group studies
  • Be welcoming to people that you do not know during the Worship Experience


Be selective in what you watch, listen to, say and do

  • Set some guardrails or boundaries in your life to protect your eyes and ears from ungodly influences
  • Leverage your accountable relationships to consistently check your habits, activities and behaviors
  • Identify and eliminate things that trigger negative actions


Remind yourself, daily, that you are dependent on God for everything in life and thank Him for His provisions.