Using the Gifts I Have Been Given

We believe personal growth requires using our TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURES to serve God and others. When I am generous with my time, my abilities and my resources, I see God use me to maximize the gifts He’s given and I experience fulfillment.

What is your next step in using the gifts that you have been given?



Give of your Time & Talents

  • Serve as a volunteer at church and/or with a ministry partner. Contact Michelle Masterson for information.

  • Help out those in need in your neighborhood, such as widows, elderly, and single moms


Give of your Treasures

  • Attend Discovering Financial Peace

  • Create a budget

  • Begin tithing 10% of your income (“tithe” means a 1/10) or give regularly to another ministry/organization

  • Be spontaneous in your giving (“See a need; Meet a need”)

  • Move toward giving sacrificially above the tithe in your church and/or community


Share your experiences with your children and those that you influence