We are so excited that you have recently decided to step over the line of faith, by choosing to follow Jesus as your Savior. We want to guide you through some “next steps” that will help you, as you begin this new journey of being a Christ Follower.

Jesus came to earth from heaven to give us a full life through a relationship with Him, not just a life of religious activity. This new life begins in us when we choose to “step over the line of faith” by praying and asking God to forgive our sins and invite Him into our life, as you may have recently done. This new life is something that we accept from God. We can’t earn it. That’s why it’s called a ‘gift’. If you have more questions about what it means to step over the line of faith, CLICK HERE.


As a new Christ Follower, there are a few things that are clear “next steps” for you:

  1. Baptism. Every new Christ Follower has the same first next step. Jesus gave us a beautiful symbol to make a public statement that we have committed our heart and life to Him. It’s called baptism. “Baptism” means to immerse. When you are lowered into the water and then quickly raised back up, it illustrates Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. It represents our new life, as well, as we die to our old way of life before following Christ. Baptism is the first step of obedience God asks us to complete after we’ve made a commitment to follow Him. If you’d like to schedule your baptism with us, or if you have questions about baptism, you can contact Debbie Erskine at 979-266-9992 or by email at derskine@brazospointe.com.

  2. Pray. One of the first ways you can grow is to pray, or talk to God. Prayer is simply talking to God like you would talk with your best friend. As with any new relationship, the more time you spend with God, the closer your relationship will become. There is nothing too large or too small to talk to God about in prayer. If it’s important to you, it is important to God.

  3. Read the Bible. The Bible is a Christ Follower’s spiritual food; it’s what helps us to grow. If you don’t already have a Bible, we’d like to give you one as a gift. You can pick one up at the Welcome Center in the foyer of each of our campuses. Be sure to ask about our reading plans and our daily reading guides.

We’re certain that with this new journey you will have questions. We want to be available to help you find answers. Our staff of ministers is available to help guide you through these next steps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 979-266-9992. You can also text the word “brazospointe” to 95577 to get information on additional next steps.

At Brazos Pointe Fellowship, we are all about guiding people to take their next step with God. Let us help you.