Growing in Knowledge and Application of the Bible

Personal growth requires knowing the Bible and applying its teaching in our daily lives. As I become a daily student of the Bible it will become the lens through which I see the world (my worldview), thereby transforming my relationships and the way I live. 



Daily Bible Reading

  • Use one of the resources available at the Next Step Center  
  • Download and use a Bible reading app  
  • Choose a book of the Bible to read through a chapter at a time


Scripture Memory

  • Choose a key verse from what you’re reading in the Bible and memorize it.
  • Write the verse(s) on a Post-It note to place in visible places 
  • Find a partner and “quiz” each other


Biblical Worldview

  • Use the Bible to shape your thoughts, actions, and relationships
  • Evaluate how you are doing at this regularly (weekly, bi-weekly)


Check out the video below on ways to study the bible