Embracing my Responsibility to Share Christ

Personal growth requires actively pursuing relationships with people who don’t know Christ. When I stay ready to share the story of what Christ has done in me, I am helping create opportunities for people to step over the line of faith. 



Familiarize myself with my faith

  • Write down a succinct explanation of my need for Jesus, the love He has for me, and the life I have in Him.
  • Learn to share my personal story of life-change in 3 minutes or less


Pursue relationships with people who don’t know Christ

  • Find a hobby that allows me to meet new people
  • Strike up conversations at the places I already frequent (gym, grocery store, ball field, etc.)


Invite unchurched people into my life, into my church, and into a relationship with Jesus

  • Plan a play date for my kids. Have unchurched friends over for dinner or go out to dessert…whatever I enjoy!
  • Extend an invitation to join me for Small Group or for the Weekend Experience
  • When conversations lead to faith, church, or my own story, deliberately learn my friend’s story also. Ask lots of questions and boldly share what Jesus has done.


Go on an international mission trip at least once in my lifetime

  • Ask the GlobaLocal Minister about mission trip opportunities to learn which one would be a good fit for me. 
  • Go!