You do more than change a slide, play a video or film a message - you create and facilitate an environment where people take their next step with God.

Technology is ever-changing. Church technology is not immune to that. It's important that, as a team, we are up to date and trained on these changes. This page will always be here for you to stay sharp and educated on our booth technology here at Brazos Pointe. You do more than change a slide, play a video or film a message - you create and facilitate an environment where people take their next step with God.


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There is a lot of technology in our AV booths. You cannot simply turn on the equipment in any order you please. There is a way! In both the audio and video world, some things HAVE to be done in a certain order in order for the equipment to run properly. 



Brazoria Rd Campus Booth

Here is how to turn on an shut down the AV booth at the Brazoria Rd campus. 


Mid County Campus Booth

Coming soon...



One of the most important pieces of software on a Sunday morning is Pro-Presenter. Think of it like Powerpoint on steroids and a lot easier to use! Whatever you see on screens comes from this software. It is important you understand how it works.

Parts of Pro-Presenter

There are many parts to this software. Too many to cover! We have selected the main parts that you will need to know about to feel confident within it. Next time you are in the booth see if you can identify them all. 


Running pro-Presenter

Out of every responsibility in the booth, the Pro-Presenter operator by far has the most hinging on them. Practically the entire service! With that in mind feel the pressure 😉 It is extremely important you are confident and ready for Sunday. 


Running Lights

Some would say the lighting operator position is not needed due to the simplicity of our services. Incorrect! Though the actual actions are simple the attention required cannot be something taken over by another position. Beyond moving forward to the next light cue, the lighting operator should be focused on all things lights. 


Running Lights in Pro-Presenter

These videos will tackle how to set up the communication link between the lighting and side screen computers, how the lights are triggered in pro-presenter and how to add or remove midi cues in pro-presenter. It is imperative that you understand these concepts for a Sunday morning.


Setting up the communication Link 

This is something that will usually be done before you arrive on a Sunday morning. Even though that is the case, it is important you understand how to re-link the two computers. A power outage or random disconnection could occur during a service. This will show you how to establish the connection between the lighting computer and side screen computer. 


Running lights in Pro-presenter

This video will explain how the side screen computer commands the lighting computer. It will also show you how you should run pro-presenter now that lights are triggered through it. There will be  tips that show you how to get back on track if the lights and side screen computer are out of sync. Pay attention to those details!


Adding and Removing Midi Cues

This is something that will not always need to be done. If you are programming for a Sunday morning then it will most definitely take place. It could also take place if you notice that the lights move to the next light cue at the wrong time or don't change at all when they need to. 


The Video Switcher 


These videos will show you how to operate the DSK and AUTO buttons of the video switcher. This is a responsibility of the pro-presenter operator. Be sure to have this down before you start a service. When you arrive, practice with the switcher!


How to use the DSK and auto buttons

If you are running pro-presenter it is important that you understand how the DSK and AUTO buttons work. This video will show you that. 


Common mistakes

Out of all of the responsibilities in the booth, using the switcher is the one most people struggle with. It can be pretty intimidating. It looks like a spaceship control panel! Check out these common mistakes. When in doubt ask the producer or worship staff for help. 


Programming Sunday

These videos will show you the basics in getting ready for a Sunday. How to build Sunday in Pro-Presenter, how to create a new song and how to program lights. This is taking what you do to the next level. Learning this will enable you to be ready for on the fly changes on Sunday morning. It will also prep you to program a Sunday morning if needed.


Programming Pro-Presenter for Sunday

This will show you how to build a Sunday morning in Pro-Presenter. You will find this is the easier part of programming. It's matter of search, drag and drop. Your artistic eye needs to be turned on during this portion and lighting the portion!


How to add a new song into pro-presenter

Pro-Presenter doesn't already have every single worship song?! GASP! You have to put it in yourself. This video will show you how to enter that song into the library for future services.


programming lights for sunday

One of the funnest parts of programming and playing with lights! You need to have an artist's eye for this part. A lot goes on and has to be taken in to account for lights to compliment the Sunday service and not BE the Sunday service. 

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