World Missions Offering Sunday


Last Sunday, April 15, was Brazos Pointe Fellowship’s 17th Birthday. From the beginning we have celebrated the occasion with a World Missions Offering. The IMB (International Mission Board) and NAMB (the North American Mission Board) are always two of the beneficiaries of this offering. For the third recipient we fund a special project of one of our partners. This year we will give the first $10,000 toward the development of the Sports Complex Kevin & Lauren Glenn use as their platform in Southeast Asia where they serve as missionaries. The rest of your offerings will be divided 10/90 between NAMB and the IMB.

Kevin & Lauren are members of our church serving with the IMB as career missionaries. They are among 4000 other missionaries who are fully supported by contributions from churches like ours to the IMB. Several thousand more church planters in the United Stated are assisted by contributions to NAMB.

The Glenns connect with their neighbors in a small village through a Sports Complex that has two soccer fields. This ministry through sports helps them share the Gospel in a land where few have heard the name of Jesus. The expansion will increase traffic through their business, which increases the number of contacts they have with locals. They hope to add a basketball/volleyball court, two Takraw courts (a popular SE Asian sport), and a playground for community children. To finance projects like this they need to raise funds above the support they receive from the IMB.

We will collect our World Missions Offering this Sunday April 22. I want you to pray about what you can give to support IMB Missionaries, NAMB Church Planters and the Glenn’s work in SE Asia. Each year many families give hundreds of dollars each to this offering; some give even more. But if every BPF family gave at least $50, every Student gave $10, and every child brought a dollar your offerings will have an impact literally all around the world.

God has blessed us in so many ways this past year – not the least of which is the opening of a second campus in Mid County. Let’s show our gratitude with our greatest offering of gratitude ever.

Live bold,