Volunteer Opportunities

Inside the Walls

Adult Small Groups

Contact Person:  Ronnie Whitehead, rwhitehead@brazospointe.com

  • Small Group Leader—in charge of the overall development and facilitation of the Small Group (church membership required)  
  • Small Group Host—opens their home for the Small Group meeting  
  • Small Group Apprentice—a leader in training under a current leader (church membership required)

Next Gen Ministry: Birth - 6th Grades

Contact Person:  children@brazospointe.com

  • Sign In (Administrative)—check in children, answer questions, registration for special events
  • Supplies Prep (Administrative)—prepare the supplies needed for all the CM Small Groups
  • Coordinator (Administrative)—checks in volunteers and provides assistance on Sunday morning
  • Small Group Leader—leads a group of 8 to 10 kids in applying Bible truths (church membership required)
  • Small Group Assistant—assist the leader with a group of 8 to 10 kids in applying Bible truths
  • Worship Team –  singers for the 5th & 6th grade large group
  • Tech Crew (Production)—run computer, sound board, CD/DVD player, lighting and microphones
  • Communicator (Production)—serves on stage to present the story and/or music (church membership required)

Next Gen Ministry: 7th - 12th Grades

Contact Person:  Erin Wilson, ewilson@brazospointe.com

  • Small Group Leader—the MVPs of Student Ministry…investing in students and modeling what it means to follow Christ (church membership required)  
  • Small Group Host—provides a warm, stable, and welcoming environment where students feel they can belong  
  • Campus Ministry— C3 is a values-based campus club at the Lighthouse Learning Center and Lake Jackson Intermediate Campus. This team speaks to students on a weekly basis about different character & leadership topics in an effort to encourage them as they face the challenges of Jr High, High School, and life beyond. Anyone interested should contact Chris Watson to learn more about how to be involved.  
  • Student Worship Service—All of our Student Small Groups come together a few times each semester for a worship service called United.  There is a wide variety of volunteer needs and this would be a great “entry level” opportunity
  • Special Events—help to plan and facilitate retreats, camps, fundraisers, service projects, and parties; good if you have limited time or enjoy working behind the scenes to organize and perform administrative tasks. 

First Impressions

Contact Person:  Michelle Harrison, mharrison@brazospointe.com

  • Parking Team—assist in directing traffic in the parking lot; shuttle folks to the door in golf carts
  • Door Greeter—hold doors and welcome folks into the building at the main entrance; hold doors and hand out programs as folks enter the Worship Center
  • Foyer Hosts—welcome folks in the foyer; identify and assist first-timers; check restroom between services for refill and/or clean-up needs
  • Welcome Center—welcome first-time guests, hand out Bibles & Fresh Start Bibles, receive Welcome Cards
  • Hospitality—make and serve coffee, drinks, and snacks for the Sunday morning worship services
  • Ushering Team—help folks find a seat as they enter the Worship Center; refill Welcome Cards & pens
  • Next Step Center—maintain and organize available resources, facilitate registrations for various classes & events, supply information

Support Ministries

Contact Person:  Michelle Harrison, mharrison@brazospointe.com

  • Pointe Guards—teams of men working with widows/single moms doing small home maintenance/repairs [1 Saturday/month, 2 hours]
  • Program Team—place welcome cards, message notes, and announcement inserts in service programs [weekly, Friday AM]
  • Safety Team—provide security for Sunday morning services [1-2 times/month, all 3 services]
  • Hosting—decorate tables and serve food for funeral meals, classes, and special occasions [as needed, low commitment]
  • Meal Ministry—prepare homemade foods for events [as needed]
  • Grounds Crew—maintain the church lawn; mowing, weeding, edging, blowing off the parking lot [5 week rotation]

Worship Ministry

Contact Person:  David King, dking@brazospointe.com

  • A/V Operator—control ProPresenter, pre-programmed, training
  • Lighting Operator—control stage and environment lighting, pre-programmed, training
  • Lord’s Supper Team—serve the Lord’s Supper; church membership required [1 service, every 5-6 weeks]
  • Prayer Team—pray with people in the worship service that come to the prayer corner [2 times/month, 1 service]
  • Offering Team—pass offering baskets during worship service