How can i help?

 If you've been asking this question, here is some good information. 

  1. Learn about the MUD OUT process by watching this video. This will be very helpful when cleaning out your house or someone you're helping out.
  2. If you want to know when the next opportunity to help is - opt in to our flood crew notifications! Check out this video to tell you about that.
  3. Text BPF Harvey to 73256 to give towards disaster relief. You can also give here.

MUD OUT Checklist

When helping with a mud out here are the suggested items to have (do not need to have all of these):

• Tetanus Shot if possible - Walgreen's
• Work shoes or boots, with thick soles if possible
• Work gloves
• Latex gloves

• Respirators - N95 and P100 are both rated for mold
• Hand sanitizer / wet wipes
• Ice chest / water
• Sack lunch

Tools – mark your name on them
• Wheelbarrow
• Pry bar / nail puller
• Flat or Square end shovel
• Utility knife, extra blades
• Regular & Push broom

• Dolly to move appliances
• Cordless skill saw
• Chalk line and tape measure

• Shop Vac, extension cords
• Box fan
• Boxes to save items not damaged / tape
• Trash bag to put clean clothes in